Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Southwestern Flare: Earrings with a Kick

If you are ever traveling the country and you can't think of what to buy me, let me give you a hint... Accessories are the way to my heart. I HATE receiving those stupid little pieces of nothing that you thank the person for, because you are kind, even though you know it will eventually end up in the trash. What am I going to do with a teddy bear holding a state flag from Arizona?

Instead, do yourself and the recipient of your traveling gift a favor, buy them something they will love and use! Themed gifts from your outward bound trip are much appreciated as long as they have real life possibilities. Almost every place that we travel is known for something, good tequila (Mexico), awesome bath products (Israel), or jewelry (The Southwest)!!!!!! Buying a useful present that is a representation of the amazing experience you have just been on is a perfect way to let your friends and family enjoy it with you!!!

These earrings are stunning and would compliment most any Summer outfit. Turquoise jewelry is definitely a simple way to stamp a theme on your outfit. They are fun, they are interesting and basically, they seriously give your ensemble that kick you are always looking for! They are a show piece. If you are crazy, feel free to add your own flavor with an additional pair of moccasin boots for the full-on effect. Otherwise, just throw on a white T-shirt and call it a day... Your earrings will do the talking.

Zuni Chandeliers

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