Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maxi Dress Mania!!!!

I love comfort. I love style. I love comfort and style. I love the maxi dress because it is comfortable and stylish. Are we seeing a pattern here?

The maxi dress is this year's answer to last season's shapeless moo moo dress. People will no longer mistake you for being three months pregnant, but will rather show envy for your fabulous, flowy frock. This dress is sexy and yet completely appropriate for almost any age and body shape! I love stylish ideas that work for everyone.

This particular dress was passed along to me from an avid reader and I couldn't pass up sharing it with the rest of the world! It is earthy, it is bold, it is sassy. I absolutely love the combination of the bohemian earth child pattern with a fifties style belt. It gives the dress a certain sophistication and defined shape while not taking away from the easy, breezy Summer feel. Adding bold, bronze bangles adds to the "hippie" look. Choosing wooden accessories is also a great option, just make sure to use earthy, neutral materials. Go and be comfortable and stylish!

Alice and Olivia Maxi Tank Dress


Shana said...

I am so excited that you featured my dress! I'm glad that you like it as much as I do! And one of the best parts...you can wear a bra with it! I love your suggestions for jewelry.

What is your opinion on gladiator sandals


or Jack Rogers sandals

The Jack Rogers are very popular here in the south and I think that they would last more than one season. I really like the gladiators but I am worried that they will only last 1 season.

Amy Salinger said...

Well, I can only see the Sam Edleman shoes because the other page is unavailable. What I will say though is that Sam Edleman shoes literally do only last one season. They are really cute and trendy, but poorly made. I do own quite a few pairs, but recognize that if I make it through more than I season I am doing well! I walk non-stop though and am pretty hard on my shoes.

I think that for the price of Sam Edleman shoes buying the gladiators is fine even if they do last one season. I wouldn't be worried though, I think the style will last at least on more season. Yea, I love gladiators!!!