Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shop this Designer at Retail Prices: Victor Alfaro

I love finding a new designer that rocks my fashion world. I am out here in Chicago, shopping in the burbs no less, but that is where my favorite insider fashion finds always appear!

You already know Target is a leader in recruiting great designers to create brilliant pieces at economical prices. Obviously their marketing team does a great job of letting us all know of that. Yet, what about all of the other "middle America" department stores trying to follow in their footsteps?

It is true that I have luke warm feelings at best for the shopping experience at Carson Pirie Scott.... That is until today! What the hell is going on there? And who is Victor Alfaro!?! He is my new favorite affordable (when shopping at Carson's) designer, that's who!

Check out this amazing outfit and other pieces just like it at the department store you forgot about....or never even heard of in the first place. Cashmere sweaters for $70? Hell yah! I love his basic designs with the opportunity for funk when styled correctly.

Please love your local department store for the hidden gems it may hold. Eyes open, wallets ready, your next great purchase is just a swipe of a credit card away!

Victor by Victor Alfaro at Carson Pirie Scott

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