Friday, November 16, 2012

Bad Ass Prints for Fall

I am such a bad ass. No seriously, I am. At least I can style myself that way... Everything print and color on the bottom half is VERY in this season, so how could I resist these silk leopard drawstring pants? I couldn't.

 I picked these up while I was in Chicago at Nordstrom Rack. They are Vince Camuto and they are comfy as hell. How could they not be, they look like stylish pajamas. Anyone can wear these if they have the confidence.

They key to styling them is that they have to be the ONLY focal point of your look. Meaning, everything else you have on has to be basic in pattern and neutral in color. You can play with textures and materials like I did with the leather bomber form Loehmann's. Add crazy accessories if you need a little more pop like I always do. This is actually one necklace with 5 strands from an antique shop. You too can be a bad ass if you follow these rules.


Tayyub Khakan said...

Amazing post. so thanks for sharing this.

Sirmans said...

I love this necklace with these pants!!

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