Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Personal Style: Think Outside of the (Gift) Box!


Ah, it is that lovely time of year again when we get to spend our hard earned cash on lots and lots of gifts for those we love. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Thinking about what to get everybody (I have 8 days of Hanukah, oy vey) can often times hurt my brain. I like to be creative and different, but sometimes a leopard snuggie just seems like such a good idea. It is simple, it is easy and the people look so cozy in the commercials.

Ok seriously, am I really going to buy a damn snuggie for anyone ever? Hell no. Go put on your bathrobe backwards and call it a day. I am not spending my hard earned cash on a re-vamped creation that has been around for years. Who the heck is buying those things anyway?????????

So here comes the plug... Wait for it..... Pause for anticipation....... That's right folks, I am the most creative and interesting gift you could possibly give! Am I being full of myself? Kind of, but I am laughing because I am so ridiculous so it is worth it:) Seriously though, I have had many a husband and a wife thank their significant other for doing something different and thinking outside of the box. They get to live like a celebrity by having an expert save them from the overwhelming strife that getting dressed, not to mention shopping, can cause. Plus the gift giver usually thanks me because they never have to hear their partner or friend complain that they have "nothing to wear" ever again! With a look book filled with up to 40 outfits, it is hard to say you don't own anything and you don't have anything to put on.....

So go on, be creative! Bring my style tips home by having myself or a Sass N Style expert show you that personal style should not be that difficult! At least it isn't when you hire one of us......:)

Feel free to contact me at info@amysalinger.net.

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