Thursday, July 16, 2009

Never Forget the Date: Creative Jewelry

I am always up for new and creative products, especially when they are fashionable. My wonderful and amazing film guy, Nate, sent me over a website full of crazy rings. Some had expandable cups, some had buildings, but in the end, they really were all pretty stylish. I was also surprised.

This "date" ring was one of my favorites. Not only can you never forget what day it is when you have it on, but it is also a great conversation piece. That really was the point of most of the pieces on this fun site. All of the rings are a great way to be different, interesting and basically the center of the party conversation. If you are anything like me than that is exactly where you want to be:)

Check out the full selection at A Beautiful Life


Anonymous said...

i love jewelries ... especially jewelry with statement.

Anonymous said...

Amy ... I don't know if you've heard of this particular site. They sell vintage and costume jewelries. The pieces get very pricey, but I LOVE to look at them.


Amy Salinger said...

I definitely will, thanks!