Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Rockin' T-Shirt

Summertime is seriously about ease. It is hot and humid and not everyday is meant to be a fashion show. This DOES NOT mean that you can't look cute everyday! I own about a million t-shirts to just "throw on" when I am not feeling all that fancy because I am busy sweating (so hot, literally).

Roxy is one of my favorite brands that is still not so mainstream.... This is if you don't live near a beach. It is the greatest surfer brand that I discovered years ago when I was backpacking through the sandy parts of the Australian coast. Love it and the brand. It is easy, chic, fun and most of all, surfer sexy. What the hell is surfer sexy you ask? A bit of sass, a bit of color and the perfect fit. Putting on one of their garments instantly makes you feel like you are actually capable of riding a wave. Even if you still can't, at least you will look good.

Picking up fun t-shirts along your travels, be it through your own town or the world, is a no brainer. There will never be a reason not to own fun and fitted gems. But, there is a big no-no to this rule: Do not get all of the free and or bad local "this is where I went on vacation" t-shirts. They will linger in your drawer as possible pajama shirts and even then they most likely will not get worn. They end up overflowing out of your dresser and finally you succumb to giving them away with tears in your eyes because of the overwhelming memories. Oy. Just buy cute fitted t-shirts and you will avoid this entire drama!!!!

Roxy Feathery Goodness Tee

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