Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank God Top Shop is Coming!!!!

I know you have all waited for it... Well, it is finally here. Top Shop is arriving in New York City. What is Top Shop you ask? It is God's answer to affordable, funky, trendy clothing. I know you say there is H & M, Zara and Forever 21, but seriously, nothing compares to the styles from this wonderful import. The UK has provided us with several fantastic things over the years... The Beatles, beans for breakfast, Jude Law.... These all suck compared to Top Shop:)

You may have already heard of this joint because of one of their very famous designers, Kate Moss. She is known for her exquisitely interesting vintage look and she brings that fashion sense to this British chain. Even the celebrities have jumped on the band wagon of sporting inexpensive clothing on the red carpet (hell, we are ALL in a recession:) by mixing Top Shop designs with established high-end designers. My mantra goes red carpet! If you don't live in NYC or plan on coming (to see me) anytime soon, don't fret! Top Shop is on-line and you can purchase any of their fabulous frocks to amazingly architectural heels by the click of a button! Look like Kate Moss for less.

Kate Moss The Christmas Collection
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