Monday, March 9, 2009

The New and Improved Boho Chic for Spring

Moo moo dresses are done damn it, I have declared it so! Of course this does not mean that loose and airy clothes for Spring are not still on the fashion radar. Spring and Summer (and the rest of the months too as far as I am concerned) will always be about comfort. The difference this year, as opposed to the last few, is that the silhouettes will not allow your acquaintances to question if you are preggers. Put the pregnant fashion back.

As Sienna Miller is showing so perfectly here, you outfit must have shape and a clearly defined body lurking somewhere under your ensemble. She has done several things very well here: First off, she is off-setting the bounce and flow of the top half with a very slender jean on her bottom half. If jeans this tight are not your thing, you CANNOT wear a very over-sized top! You will just look like a big balloon if you try and wear big items with big items unless you are rail thin and even then it truly isn't that flattering.

Secondly, Sienna is defining her shape by adding a cropped vest to her flouncy top. This additional piece hangs nicely below her bust (otherwise known as an empire cut) drawing attention to the chest area. This is always a good idea when you wear a top that could overwhelm your petite frame. The vest fits perfectly because it is snug around her arms and then hangs in such a way that compliments the flowy nature of the shirt without having an excess of material. The two tones of the garments are earthy and complimentary to one another, plus, the difference of color again defines her shape even more.

Adding in a larger bag and simple ballet flats make this a completely stylish and appropriate dog-walking outfit! No one ever said wearing sweatpants to walk your dog was alright, just pretend that the paparazzi are right around the corner at all times to put your mug in US Weekly... I know I always do:)

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Shana said...

So are you saying that you think maxi dresses are out or is that different from a moo moo? I just bought this Alice + Olivia dress which I love. It's not shapeless. The belt gives it shape and definition. Could you help me figure out how to accessorize it? For day and night!

Amy Salinger said...

That is actually a great thing for me to talk about because the maxi dress is very in for Spring/Summer! The moo moo dress is that completely shapeless dress from last season that clearly looks like maternity wear.

As for styling your new frock, I would wear several big, brass bangles with a wooden ring of some sort. Work with earthy materials to bring out the flower child aspect of the material on the bottom half. A nude color or bronze wrap up sandal would be a great neutral yet interesting touch at the bottom. A large, over-sized nude leather bag would be the perfect finale! Obviously these are just ideas, but basically, think brass!