Monday, October 13, 2008

Sass N Style ideas!!!

I want to know what you need to know! I would love to hear your requests for upcoming Sass N Style episodes. Send in your ideas now!!!


The Rule Maker said...

Scarves! I have tons of beautiful old Ralph Lauren silk scarves. How do they translate today. I have been out of the work force and the fashion world for almost 7 years and feel so old and unsassy! Ideas?

Amy Salinger said...

I have two videos on scarves, both Winter and Dress scarves. Look up my name on Youtube to find them!

Eva said...

I would like to know how to wear hooded sweaters that zip in the front. I have like 5 and I never use them because under a coat the hood looks ridiculous and I do not know what to wear under it either. I have 2 black ones, a khaki one,a beige one, and one that's navy blue and a little too big for me. Is there any pretty way to wear them or should I just give them away ? By the way your video on closet organization helped me a lot. My closet is so well organized right now and it's thanks to you.