Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My go-to jeans

Jeans are probably the most obnoxious things to shop for. I don't care if you are 5'10" and 125 or 5' and 125, they are annoying. So let's make this easier... Great brands that have elasticity so they hold their shape, high enough waists so that plumber crack is not an issue and amazing washes are... drum role please.... J Brand, Earnest Sewn and Joe's Jeans. Love them.

This pair by J Brand is great for most body types. Higher, slightly wider pockets to give your bum a lift and shape. Also, the straight leg with slight flair masks any "thigh issues". The illusion of a thinner thigh is created by making the bottom half of the leg the same width as your thigh. The darker wash goes from day into evening. The mid-rise reduces any "muffin top". Sorry ladies, had to say it!

J Brand
818 mid-rise bootcut stretch jeans (ink wash)

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